Manager’s Corners (Formerly No Time to Train)

Available in English and Spanish Manager’s Corner provides a method for using and training with many of the Institute of Child Nutrition’s resources. These resources are designed to give directors/managers an easy-to-use lesson plan for training staff in various topics. Each lesson is roughly 15 minutes.

Nutrition 101, 4th Edition

Meets Level 1 certification requirement. School nutrition staff and school nutrition managers need to understand basic nutrition. Completion of this course will give participants a basic foundation in nutrition, current dietary guidance, the importance of physical activity in health, and awareness of personal taste preferences and healthful food choices.

FBG Module 3: Product Formulation Statements (PFS)

In this module, you will learn about Child Nutrition (CN) Labels and Product Formulation Statements (PFS). This module will provide background information on the specific requirements for a CN Label and PFS, explain how they are different, and how to utilize each resource with interactive examples. Though this training is mainly directed toward Program operators, […]

Food Safety in Schools

Meets Level 1 certification requirement. Designed to provide school nutrition employees with up-to-date information on food safety. This training contains lessons and activities which allow participants to be actively involved in learning the food safety concepts needed to prepare and serve food safely and to keep school nutrition facilities safe and sanitary. The chapters cover […]